In Ovobrand we produce Egg powders and liquid Egg products, in a range of possibilities that go from the standard products to those that require biotechnology processing for the improvement of their physicochemical and functional properties.

All the processes are carried out by a highly qualified labor force complying with all Argentinean and EU sanitary rules and regulations. We have the necessary know how to obtain Egg products for the use in the Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries. Among them we find:

  • Whole Egg
  • Standard Egg Yolk
  • Heat Stable Egg Yolk 
  • Standard Egg White Powder
  • Desugared Egg White Powder
  • High Gel Egg White Powder
  • High Whip Egg White Powder
  • Own formulation blends.
  • Special Custom-made blends for clients.

Our products stand out batch after batch due to the homogeneity of their physicochemical and functional properties, turning them into a unique option for companies that require the highest reliability. The high degree of sanitary safety, resulting from a totally integrated production system and constantly controlled, safeguards our Egg Products from undesirable metabolites. This is the way we give sense to the traceability for innocuous food production.
Ovobrand’s dehydrated Egg products possess applications in the Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries.
Our integrated production chain is much more than just going from the manufacturing of the Poultry feed to the obtainment of Whole Egg Powder, Egg Yolk Powder and Egg White Powder: we also have a strict system of innocuous assurance, a HACCP firmly implemented that combined with the technology to safeguard the functional properties of the egg products, meet the needs of our clients.

The Laboratories


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